Students having fun as they learn — K-1 Science

Our K – 1 class is getting serious about science—and having fun doing it. They are continuing their study of the solar system—now that they have got the planets ‘mapped’, they’re studying each planet in more depth. Students are working their way out from the sun, two planets at a time: what color is Mercury? Why? Could Mars support life? Why or why not? Researching in two different groups, they are sharing their thoughts and findings with their classmates.

The kindergarten and first grade students are also cooking lunch for their classmates. (Our students normally cook lunch together on Fridays, and the K-1 and 2-5 classes are now alternating cooking privileges every other week.) Last week’s lunch was tacos, and the K – 1 class made a science experiment of it. They started with a hypothesis (of what people would want on their tacos), made a menu that included various taco toppings, and took orders (gathered data) from all students and teachers as to what they wanted on their tacos. Afterward, they compared the data to their hypothesis to see how accurate (or inaccurate) their suppositions were.