Dear Amazing Parents, 

   It is nice to get back into the groove of the New Year, even if the amount
   of snow is a little overwhelming at times.  Just wanted to put out a few
   reminders and let you know what we are doing this Friday.

   1. Scholastic book orders are due this Friday the 13th!
   2. The temperatures outside are well below freezing, so please make
      sure your child has the proper apparel for these frigid temperatures.
      Children without the proper gear will not be allowed outside.
   3.  NO SCHOOL on Monday, to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. day.

   We have been hoping to go sledding with this much snow, but the temperatures
   have been too cold these past few Fridays. So, this Friday the 13th we are
   going stay warm and see the movie SING downtown at the AMC Theater. Your
   child will need to bring a sack lunch, OR money to get food at the food
   court. We are going to eat before the movie, so they will NOT be getting
   concessions during the movie.  Sorry, but it is easier on us, and that is
   what is really important.  We have enough drivers, but if you would like to
   join us, you are more than welcome to! We plan to see the 11:45 movie SING,
   however, you will need to book your seats on your own.  I imagine you can
   buy them the day of, as I doubt it will sell out.   We already booked our
   seats in Rows C and D.

   If you join us, you're welcome to take your children with you or meet us
   down there. You can also just take them after the movie, as there will be
   little school left. Also, it's easier on us.what it is all about.

   If there is still snow and NOT crazy low temperatures, we want to go
   sledding at Underhill Park on Friday the 20th.  We will need drivers and
   sleds to make this happen.

   Nicole and Mark

WE are a few short weeks into the school year and are settling into a routine. The first two weeks were spent setting rules and procedures to help make the school year run smoothly. The kids were amazing and reflective in their thinking and decisions.

We believe that the time spent teaching the expectations now, make for less interruptions and smoother transitions later. Each morning we begin our day with PE and then come inside and do a focus and release exercise before we head off to the classroom for some reading and writing.

This year one main focus we will be working on is our listening skills. How many times do you have to repeat yourself to your kids? HMMM…. It is the same here at school. It seems that we too keep repeating ourselves. Therefore, everyone will be working on listening skills which means that the adults will be retraining themselves as well. :-}

We are all looking forward to a great year!

On Tuesday mornings we will be selling donuts. Donut orders are taken on Monday and delivered for you or your child’s dining pleasure on Tuesday mornings. Parents and friends are welcome to order a single donut or a dozen. We will have them ready for you by 7:45.
Donuts are $1 or $10 for a dozen. Hot Chocolate is available for $.50 We generally have a few extra donuts so stop by even if you forgot to order on Monday.

On Wednesday, September 28th from 6-7 PM we will be having an auction and fundraising meeting. We will lay out our plans for fundraising for the year and welcome ideas and suggestions to add or subtract to our calendar.
The auction is Nov. 12th and with many hands make light work. Please join us in making this Riverday Auction the most successful to date.
The meeting lasts 1 hour and then you are on your way home!! PLEASE JOIN US.


This year we will be offering 6 art nights. These evenings last about 3 hours. We enjoy some wine and food along with some great conversation while we create our own art masterpieces.

Sabrina Wingren is an artist, art teacher and a parent of one of our 5th grade students. She will facilitate the   evenings. She begins with a sample of art and then guides us to create an art piece that is similar but has our own personal stamp on it.

The cost for each evening is $50. However, if you commit to all 6 the cost is $250. YES!!!

Get 6 for the price of 5!! A GREAT DEAL!!

Contact Colleen for more info. 509-326-6595


Dear Amazing Parents,

This has been a wonderful start to the school year. I hope to keep you
informed through a weekly newsletter early in the week. Sometimes I get too
busy, I’ll do my best.

We spent the first few weeks of school getting to know one another and
adapting to the flow of our school day. It was great to see so many of you
at the parent meeting last Friday, and we went on to have an excellent day
at the fair!

This Friday is supposed to be nice, so we thought we would “wheel” over to
Mission Park. The kids can use their Heely shoes, scooters or skateboards.
Or, if they don’t wish to, they can walk with Nicole. The school does have a
few scooters for children to borrow, but if they have their own, go ahead
and bring it in on Friday.

Up Coming Events:
Friday, September 23: Wheel to Mission Park
Wednesday, September 28: Auction Meeting at 6pm
Friday, September 30: Spokane Water Reclamation Center

Thanks, Nicole and Mark

Dear Awesome Parents,

First off we want to thank for coming to our dinner theater last Thursday. It was a fantastic event and we made enough to fund our class trip!

Now on to the next event. This Thursday, May 19th, we are heading to Stonerose fossil ranch in Republic to hunt for fossils. Your child will need: a sack lunch, sensible shoes, a water bottle, layered clothing, and a good attitude. We will be leaving the school at 8 a.m. We are leaving with or without your child so please be earlier rather than later. There will not be a charge for morning care on Thursday. The plan is to be back at Riverday by 4p.m. we will not be back at 3:10 for dismissal.

Remember, that our overnighter is next Thursday, May 26th. The location is a secret but we will be sending you more information soon.

Mark and Nicole

May 2, 2016

Dear Amazing Families,

Hope that you are all doing well.  It was great seeing you at the Marmot Art Space for the art show.  If you couldn’t make it and are still interested in buying a piece of art, the unsold pieces will be up in the front entry for you to purchase the end of this week or start of next week.

On Friday, May 6, we are going out to Discovery Park and biking on the Centennial Trail.  You will need to bring your child, their bike, A HELMET, a sack lunch, and water to school on Friday.  We will be leaving school at 10:30 a.m. and returning by 3 p.m.  It should be fun!!!!  If you still want to come along let either Nicole or me know.

Dinner Theater is fast approaching!!! Please turn in your RSVP ASAP!  It is going to be an amazing evening of food and the theater!  On that note, we want to commend you on getting your children to memorize their lines.  We have shifted the focus to having the kids look closely at the stage directions for their characters so they know what they are supposed to be doing while delivering their lines.  If you can look over the stage directions with your child in the evenings, we would appreciate it.

What about costumes?  We are working on them as I write this.  Gayle will be sending out a note about if and/or what we still need for costumes soon.

I think that about covers it.

Mark and Nicole

Dear Amazing Parents,

First things first….Tomorrow is Turnbull.  Please have your child(ren) dress appropriately for the weather and wear sturdy shoes.  We are doing the classroom scavenger hunt and learning about the refuge.  Then we are going to eat our sack lunches and do the pond study.  This is a fun field trip, we really enjoy it.  We could still use another driver if you can join us.

Tomorrow night is the Riverday Art Show at Marmot Art Space in Kendall Yards.  Hope to see you there… wine should be your motivator…..and cool art pieces, of course.

Next Friday we are going for a bike ride.  We realize that we will have kids with a VARIETY of biking experience.  However, we want them to build on their skills and maybe use this field trip as a motivation to get riding!  We are thinking of Mirabeau Park in the valley, near the YMCA.  After our ride on the Centennial Trail, they can play in Discovery Park nearby.  We are going to need cold lunches and drivers on this fantastic Friday.

THURSDAY, MAY 12th is the Annual Dinner Theater: An Adaptation of Treasure Island.  I have attached ALL the pertinent information you will need to attend.  Please fill out the RSVP and return it promptly, so we get an idea of how many are attending this magical event.


  • Thursday, May 19th, we are going up to Republic, WA to go on a fossil dig.  I have always wanted to do this, and I am very excited that we have this opportunity. Obviously, with such a drive this school day will begin early and stay late.  We will need drivers, so let us know if you can join us!
  • Although our overnighter for 1st thru 6th grade is currently SECRET, the date is set for Thursday, May 26th and Friday, May 27th.
  • The Riverday 1/2K, yes it will literally be an around the block run/walk, will be held at school on Sunday, June 5th at 2pm. This fun event includes beer and root beer and a Marmot Race for the Rent T-shirt.  Registration will open soon with more details.

Dear Parental Units,

Dinner Theater is coming on May 12th!!!!!  Make sure to save the date.  This is a major event!  Dinner theater is how we fund our end of the year trips.  It is a fun evening that allows you to sit back and be waited on by your children and see a musical performed by those same kids!  We are putting together RSVP fliers with ticket prices and should have them out by the end of the week.

With that said, Gayle, Mark, and I need the kids to have their lines memorized by the end of the week.  It seems like a short period of time but remember that they received their scripts before spring break and should be practicing every night.  Please work with your child to make sure that they have their lines down so we can move on to blocking the scenes with them.

Moving on, there has been some confusion about what we are doing on Friday for our adventure.  We had posted that we were going out to Turnbull but there really aren’t any bluebirds to see yet.  This would make for a boring adventure.  In its place, we will be walking to Gonzaga University and meeting with Professor Amanda Braley.  She is going to show us what is happening with the beaver population that has built a lodge near campus.  We will also be looking for Canada geese and the ever present ducks.  It’s baby season in nature now.  If your child wants to bring a camera to take some pictures, this would be a good trip to do so.  They are also going to want to dress for the weather and bring their water bottles.

Another reminder, April 28th is our art gala at Marmot Art Space 1206 W. Summit Parkway in Kendall Yards.  This is an opportunity for you to see the amazing art that the kids have created and if you like something maybe you would like to purchase it. Admission is free and wine is available for purchase.  Stop by anytime between 5 and 8 p.m.

I think that covers it for another week.


Nicole  &  Mark

Dear Awesome Parents,

Tomorrow we have a few tours scheduled, interested in next year.  This is pretty exciting, but requires that Nicole and I be available.  This means that we can’t leave the school, so neither can the kids.  So, we asked them to come up with what they would like to do with a few restrictions: 1. it couldn’t involve Nicole and I, and 2. it had to include everyone.  They have planned a Pillow Party Movie afternoon! Here is what that involves: wearing pajamas, bringing a stuffed animal and a pillow, bringing a snack for themselves OR enough for 20* students. They want to bring their movies from home and then pick from what’s available. Please put their name on their movies.

*The only allergy you may want to be aware of is to yellow food dye.

Sounds like a good time!


Mark and Nicole


Dear Amazing Parents,

Welcome to the New Year!  We are really enjoying getting back into a routine.  We have made some minor changes to the schedule to better meet our academic needs.  We will begin each school day at 8:30 am (ON TIME), so please make sure that your students get to school on time. We will be doing Writer’s Workshop and Gayle will pull kids out to work in small groups.  At 10am we will have recess and snack. From 10:30 to noon the kids will do small group math with Mark, Gayle or Nicole.  Independently, they will be working on spelling packets to prepare them for a test on THURSDAY afternoons.  Yes, we are trying to avoid spelling tests on Friday mornings, because Fridays are more relaxed.  If we don’t get the results we anticipate, spelling test day may change.  Nicole’s class will also have music on Tuesday/Thursday before lunch and Mark’s class will have it Monday/Wednesday.  Mark and Nicole’s classes will combine for Silent Reading after recess. They will have a science or social study unit on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  Monday and Wednesday afternoons will remain P.E and Art.  The changes are pretty minor, but thought we should share.

We will do our best to send home their spelling words on Mondays.  They should work on their spelling words every night until Thursday.  We upload their individual lists onto a website that has games they can play.  Here are those directions:
Go to:
Click on the Search tab.
Click on schools.
Type Riverday into the search, it will pop up, click on Riverday School
Select Nicole Simon (the first one, it is listed twice??? or Mark Smith (depending on which class they are in)
Then, select games next to their name.  They can also take practice tests.

This Friday we are going ice skating, trip #2 of 3.  Please have children dressed appropriately with long socks and warm clothing.

We are going to the Lego exhibit on the Wednesday the 27th of January.


Nicole, Mark and Gayle