Our School

Our Philosophy:
We believe in the process of learning in an experiential, hands on learning environment. Our integrated curriculum reaches across disciplines and age levels; students are expected to meet academic and social challenges with openness, and willingness to solve problems.

What to Expect from Riverday School:
Small Class Size
Dedicated, Caring Teachers
Well designed Learning Environment
Field Trips
Positive Discipline – model of Dr Jane Nelsen
Inclusive Tuition
Green School

At Riverday School all planned and unplanned experiences are included in our curriculum.   Language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health, visual arts, music, information and technology skills and physical education are all part of the curriculum along with community service, recess, field trips and even choices made throughout the day. Students engage with students in all grade levels, their teachers and the world around them to help them learn. All of these components make a child’s learning experience unique and individual.  

 Some examples include:
-The third, fourth, and fifth grade students writing and receiving a grant from the Washington Potato Commission.
-The K-1 students researching the arctic biome and using their knowledge of it to turn a table into an art depiction of what they learned about the arctic.
-Our students participate in several community service projects throughout the year including tracking bluebird migration and nesting at Turnbull Wildlife Refuge.

Our trained and experienced teachers and staff challenge students academically while meeting each student’s individual needs. We use developmentally appropriate curriculum with differentiated instruction.

Our students benefit from our generous teacher to student ratio, mastering necessary foundational concepts while having the opportunity to explore topics of interest in greater depth.