“We wanted to share our story to help other children looking for a school that will understand and help bright students with learning differences. We had our son Dawson enrolled in our local public school. Near the end of third grade, after requesting testing since the middle of first grade, the school finally evaluated him. His cognitive scores were high enough to be considered gifted/talented, however his classroom performance was still hovering at below and approaching grade level in many areas. The public school where he attended could not give him any kind of individualized instruction because he tested out of any kind of special education, regardless of how much he was struggling in the classroom. We looked into many private schools and finally found Riverday School in Spokane. We can’t say enough about how much they have helped our son’s self-confidence and supported his learning this year. The hands-on approach to learning has ignited his passion for learning in a way that reading and writing cannot for our son. The small class size offers a quieter and calmer learning environment which allows him to focus and do his best work. There is an emphasis on learning, but not on perfection. Spelling lists are individualized based on student assessments. Each word learned is celebrated and words missed are worked on with varied approaches based on student needs. For a child with dyslexia this is a gift that goes beyond words. This school goes beyond just saying that it is hands-on and really does it. Lego Robotics, Field trips on Fridays, Collaborative Science projects, Dinner Theater, you name it they do it. The teachers at Riverday looked at our son the way we do. Instead of seeing the misspellings in his writing they saw the creativity. Instead of loading him down with pages of homework every week, they had him work hard in class and take home only what he doesn’t finish. They saw our beautiful, intelligent, funny son Dawson, not a statistic, not a number, not a test score. They saw our son. And the result has been a confident happy little boy that loves learning.”
Sabrina Wingren
University High School Art Teacher

“It is difficult to put into words the comfort and appreciation I feel knowing my grandchild receives one-on-one attention from caring and enthusiastic staff members at the Riverday School. They support a well-rounded educational curriculum, in addition to incorporating activities for hands-on experiences in environmental education and awareness. The children have a genuine sense of responsibility and pride for themselves, as well as, the school.
I am amazed and thrilled at the time, effort, and attention they are putting into making their school allergen sensitive, by encouraging and incorporating responsible behavior around those with allergies. It’s so exciting to think children with severe allergies (my grandson!) will be able to benefit from the same quality education as his older sister!”
Lisa Sullivan
Pine River Management

“Kaya began kindergarten at Riverday School last fall, they embraced her with open arms. They helped her play to her strengths by allowing her to use different types of learning experiences. As a shy, introverted child she needed work with her social skills and cognitive learning as well as the basics of reading and writing. In a year’s time she has become an outgoing and self-assured person. Her reading has improved greatly as well as her vocabulary and concept of numbers. Riverday School aided her every day in becoming a well-rounded, intelligent, and humorous child. My husband and I could not be happier with the results that Riverday School helped to produce. I would recommend them to any family with young children.”
Cailtin Seaman
Assistant Director PNW Helping Hands

“Finding the right “fit” for a child in their educational and emotional Endeavors truly is a blessing.  At Riverday School it has been my experience the teachers truly “inspire excellence and celebrate Individuality.” My son has flourished since being enrolled.  The range of material covered and methods of instruction are exceptional, however more than that, they have aroused a natural curiosity of students and stimulated their interest in exploring on their own.  They focus on treating each other and our community and world with respect.

“It is the supreme art of a teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. ” ~ Albert Einstein

Riverday School is the right “fit” for my son.”
Jen T.